ODI Longneck SLX

RM 75.00

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The long-awaited Longernecks, aka the Longneck SLX, have finally arrived. At 160mm (6.3″), they’re 25mm longer than the already-available Flangless Longnecks, but use the same tried-and-true mushroom style collapsible rib pattern and ultra-soft compound. I’ve had these grips for about two weeks, but in full-disclosure, I haven’t had the chance to actually ride them, as my life is a bit upside down during this whole pandemic thing. Fortunately, Longnecks have been around for literally a lifetime in one sense or another, so they hardly need my stamp of approval. As a minor consolation, I did hit up ODI team rider, Demarcus Paul, to get his take on ’em

– Classic mushroom style collapsible rib pattern.
– Constructed of our proprietary grip SOFT compound for added comfort!
– Increasingly popular with top athletes around the world
– Open ends with Two Color Push In Plugs end plugs included
– 160mm
– Made in USA
– Sold In Pairs