Colony Bloody Oath Bars

RM 300.00

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The Colony Bloody Oath Bars are back, and for a limited time.  This sweet Nick Richardson re-issue, has been updated and run at the new 9″ height.  These will fly, so lock yours in ASAP… Heck yeah Nick Richardson!

olony Bloody Oath Handlebars are a re-release of the very popular Nick Richardson’s signature bars from 2009.

  • Re-Release of Nick Richardson’s signature Bloody Oath bars from 2009.
  • 9″ rise.
  • 12 degrees back sweep.
  • 2 degrees up sweep.
  • 29.5″ wide.
  • Full 4130 CrMo post heat treated BMX bars.
  • The Bloody Oath bars are available in Gloss Black