Odyssey Key Chain – Solid

RM 200.00

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The Odyssey Solid Key chain has been engineered and thoroughly tested to maximize strength and durability, while greatly simplifying the installation and removal process over standard BMX chains. Using a unique master link/half link design, the Solid Key chain can be installed and removed using a single 3mm Allen key. This not only eases assembly, but the pins remain tight and secure, just as they came from the factory. Oversized 5mm pins provide a larger contact surface for the plates and are nearly impossible to break, greatly increasing the strength and stretch resistance. Rounding out the Solid Key chain are extra thick, 1.4mm side plates that are 50% harder to bend and use a low profile shape to prevent the links from catching on grinds. Includes master link and half link to dial in the chain length.

Note: Allen key pins should always be tightened toward the front of the bike whether you run RHD or LHD.
Width: 1/8″
Total Links: 81
Weight @ 72 Links: 10.6 oz
Masterlink: Allen Key Masterlink & Half Link
Tool: Odyssey Key Chain Breaker