Triple Eight SweatSaver Helmet

RM 289.00

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Aptly named the Sweatsaver, this rubber helmet is one of the best multi-impact helmets available. Thanks to Triple Eight’s thick padding construction, even the sweatiest of sweaty will feel relief as moisture is pulled away from your head, and with the plush terry-cloth against your skin, you can kiss that troublesome itchy-scalp feeling goodbye!

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Key Features
  • Multi-Impact
  • Sweatsaver™ Liner

Multi-Impact – Designed for low-impact sports like skating, this helmet has a more flexible shell with plush padding that offers basic protection.

Note: This helmet does not meet the official certification standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Sweatsaver™ Liner – Soft terry-cloth fabric covers plush padding offers an itch-free helmet that pulls the sweat away from your face and eyes. The liner is removable so if the anti-microbial treatment can’t keep the sweat-stink at bay you can wash them time and time again.

HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE (CM):50.0 – 52.051.0 – 54.054.0 – 56.056.0 – 58.058.0 – 60.0
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE (IN):20.1 – 20.520.6 – 21.321.4 – 22.022.1 – 22.923.0 – 24.0