Karma Supra Tire

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“Developing the Supra tires, we tried to create the best rubber out there on the market. To do this, we took samples of tires that we like. Then we sent them to the laboratory to analyze the composition of the rubber. In our opinion, we chose the most optimal formula: soft and wear-resistant at the same time. We developed a directional tire tread and provided it with a fine tenacious diamond-shaped knurling. A little protrusion was added to the sidewall of the tire so that the tires would not tear off the tread when skidding, but instead would glide over the smooth protrusion.” – Karma BMX

Features and specifications

Size: 2.4″
Maximum pressure: 110PSI
Colors: black, gray

Additional information:
– protrusions on the sidewalls to tire slide along the ledges
– directional low tread tire pattern for better rolling
– fine diamond-shaped knurling for better traction
– squealing tires